Pernella Tubbs Supreme Grand Chapter


PTSGC Officers

One of the most important things sisters value is the support of those who have or are currently serving in a position they hold at a subordinate level. PTSGC Officers are there to assist in ensuring the Supreme Grand Chapter functions at maximum capacity. For each OES position within the Order of the Eastern Star, we have a Supreme Officer in that position to assist in providing guidance to subordinate bodies.

From the Supreme Grand Matron to the Organist, our Sisters take their role very serious and are there to serve the Sisterhood. We are here to help Sisters understand their role and provide them support in being their best.

You can find all of PTSGC Officers below and should you need to contact one of them, send us an email.

Sister Monique C. Walton
Supreme Grand Matron

Illustrious Richard Dixon, 33º
Supreme Patron

Sister Charlotte Nichols
Supreme Grand Associate Matron

Sister Jessica Gamble
Supreme Grand Assistant Associate Matron

Sister LaToya Caldwell
Supreme Corresponding/Recording Secretary

Sister Diane Hinton
Supreme Financial Secretary

Sister Lillie Blythe
Supreme Treasurer

Sister Nicole Collins
Supreme Conductress

Sister Linda T. Frazier
Supreme Assistant Conductress

Sister Angela Roberts
Supreme Monitor

Sister Anita Clarke Richards
Supreme Chaplain

Sister Nicole A. Wheeler
Supreme Marshal

Sister Gloria Qualls
Supreme Assistant Marshal

Sister Stephanie Johnson
Supreme Adah

Sister Cheryl Robinson
Supreme Assistant Adah

Sister Ruth Suber
Supreme Ruth

Sister Karen Gause
Supreme Assistant Ruth

Sister Jean Cephas
Supreme Esther

Sister Carlynn Nichols
Supreme Martha

Sister Mary Bush
Supreme Assistant Martha

Sister Tauja Wright
Supreme Electa

Sister Annie M. Williams
Supreme Assistant Electa

Sister Shandrea McCant
Supreme Warder

Sister Kimberly May
Supreme Assistant Warder

Sister Dorothy Jones
Supreme Assistant Sentinel

Sister Gwendolyn Ruffin
Supreme Registrar

Sister Michelle Williams Slaten
Supreme Secrtary of Education

Sister Willette Lindsay
Supreme Educational Director

Sister Lynnetta Smith
Supreme Educational Director

Sister Viola Edwards
Burial Tickets Chair

Sister Stella Holms
Burial Tickets Assistant Chair

Sister Cora Mercer
Self-Help Tickets Chair

Sister Karola Palmer
Self-Help Tickets Assistant Chair

The Pernella Tubbs Supreme Grand Chapter mission is to provide an organization where spiritual women and men with high moral and social character can contribute time, energy and wisdom towards charity, truth and loving kindness.

Contact PTSGC

1116 Elmdale NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525